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A New Pair Of Comfortable Walking Shoes For Summer!

Just this morning, I was doing a monthly check on my shoes. I all took them out from their boxes, checked their conditions and counted how many pairs I got up to this very day.

As of this moment, I have 29 pairs of shoes. Living here in Sweden for a year and a half with that number of pairs obviously shows that I love shoes, a fact that I can never hide. However, I noticed that I only have three pairs of rubber shoes. The rest are boots, ballerinas and sandals. Since me and my friends love to take long walks during the summer months, I want to add a pair of rubber shoes to my collection.

I consider walking some distance at least three times a day healthy for my well-being. Aside from perspiring and breathing fresh air, it's a good way to keep my lungs and heart healthy. And what makes a long walk worth it? - by doing with a friend and by wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. I am really happy that Baby Phat Footwear has already launched their sportswear collection which means I can now purchase my new pair of rubber shoes from them. Well, I have gone through their online store and I guess I've already found what I want. The photo to your right is on the top of my list. It's flat (which makes it comfortable and good for walking) and classy. I love the combination of brown and pink as they always look cute together.

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