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Get Your Hands On Those U2 Tickets!

I got a bit jealous when some of my classmates were talking about their upcoming trip to London on the second week of August, right before the beginning of the Autumn semester. I wasn't envious because of the fact that they'd be staying in the pretty city of London but because they would be watching U2 perform live at London's Webley Stadium. How awesome could that be?

According to my school friends, U2 are going to sing some of their famous songs such as No Line On The Horizon, Beautiful Day, Pride, Vertigo and many more. All of them were so excited about it that they were already planning on purchasing their U2 Tickets from Get Me In two weeks from today to make sure that they'd get a seat.

Get Me In is one of the most trusted ticket marketplaces on the internet today. So if you are thinking to catch U2's performance, reserve your tickets now!

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