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Free Follower Spots Up For Grabs (Again)!

***All spots are now taken. Thank you all for supporting me and my blog all the way. Watch out for the next schedule of free ad spots which I might be posting sometime in June.

Time flies by so quickly as the last batch of this blog's first Featured Weekly Followers are already up and running from today until the 23rd of this month. This only means that I am now posting the schedules for the next batch of Featured Followers. The spots are up for grabs again so be sure to reserve one for yourself. If you are new here and you are a bit lost, please check this page to know more about the free advertisement spot for this blog's Followers (through Google Friend Connect)

As usual, your badges are going to be displayed within ten days as per reservation... only this time, badges are shown on the top most part of this blog

Here are the schedules that are up for grabs:
  • April 27 - May 6:
    Spot 1- 'D's spot
    Spot2- D3nan1's spot
    Spot3- Tammy (Fashion blog)
    Spot4- Nova

  • May 7 - May 17:
    Spot 1- Lynn's spot
    Spot2- World Of Technology's spot
    Spot3- Rose's spot
    Spot4- Ness' spot

  • May 18 - 28:
    Spot 1- Shydub
    Spot2- Twinks
    Spot3- S-H-Y
    Spot4- Chuchie

  • May 28 - June 7:
    Spot 1- Cacai
    Spot2- Colin of Sexy Legs and Body
    Spot3- Jacky
    Spot4- Bill
I will be posting the dates after all the spots are taken.

Remember when reserving a spot, leave your NAME, BLOG URL and 125X125 BADGE on the comment section of this post.

Again, thank you so much for following this blog

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