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The Power And Art Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art which is primarily designed for health reasons. Although we find Tai Chi a bit different from other forms of martial arts where we see quick movements, Tai Chi is also performed with grace and is accompanied with high levels of energy. I've read and heard that Tai Chi with the right technique can actually be used as a form of self-defense. I admit that I have found it impossible at first but when I've learned that the slow and repetitive Tai Chi exercises can actually increase one's strength, I've become more and more interested to know more about it.More and more people are now learning the art at the comfort of their own homes by purchasing their own Tai Chi DVD copies. The DVDs will not only teach you the steps and movements of Tai Chi. Moreover, you will also be taught about the major aspects covering the whole concept of TAi Chi which are health, meditation and martial arts.
  • The health training through Tai Chi has been proven to help individuals in relieving both body and mind strain and tensions.
  • The slow movement of Tai Chi promotes meditation which will help individuals to connect with their inner energy and strength - minimizing the level of stress while balancing the overall harmony of the body and mind.
  • With proper concentration and body energy, Tai Chi as a form of martial arts can be applied in self-defense.
Tai Chi is recommended for all ages. However, when starting it is advised to begin taking classes which are appropriate for your age group. This is why Tai Chi for Seniors programs are now available wherein the routines are designed to avoid putting too much tension on the body. If you are in your late 50's and that you are interested to begin learning the art of Tai Chi, I suggest that you get hold of the Tai Chi for Seniors Video which contains exercises that you'll surely find energizing and relaxing.

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