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Health Benefits From Modern Hot Tub Therapy

Hydrotherapy is a term which refers to the type of treatment which makes use of water for relieving and soothing pains. Modern hydrotherapy not only makes use of the common hot tub method where you dip yourself in warm water and relax. These days, hot tubs are already set up with massage jets, purifiers, easy-to-operate control panels and designed seating for a better spa and water therapy experience.
  • Massage jets - these jets are powerful enough to give you a better massage and promote reflexology by loosening the nerve endings of your body. Jets come in different features such as acu-pressure, pulsator, whirlpool and more. So, when you are interested to have your own spa installed at your place, always contact your hot tub dealer or supplier to make sure that your personal spa is going to be installed the way you want it.

  • Purifiers - will eliminate impurities and microorganisms present in your water.

  • Control Panels - are soft digital touchable pads located on your tub. Using the pad, you can easily program how you want your water to be giving you total spa control.

  • Seating - gives perfect support for the body for better spa moments.
It has been proven and tested that hot tub therapy stimulates healing by minimizing the level of body stress, promoting better sleep, relieving body and muscle pains, increasing the energy and many more. Reflexology, watsu (refers to a form of body massage while lying on warm water) and acupuncture are just a few of the wonderful benefits from modern hydrotherapy.

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