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Yamaha Rhino - Fun To Drive But Is It Safe?

When the Yamaha Rhino was released in the market, it became popular at once and was loved by many. Why not? It looks so cute, adorable and fun to drive, right?

However, Yamaha Rhino have been labelled "dangerous" these days after some series of serious accidents and recorded death associated with it. Unfortunately, according to car experts the cute and adorable Jeep-looking vehicle is not safe to drive because it lacks necessary safety features such as passenger doors, doesn't have handholds on the passenger compartments, it has a narrow wheel base and has very small tires. Unfortunately, the company responsible for the creation of these potentially deadly vehicles (Yamaha) points the blame to the drivers' aggressive and immediate maneuvers which isn't only the main reason for such disasters. After thorough tests, it has been proven that the Yamaha Rhino easily rolls over even when driving at slow speeds causing driver and passenger injuries and even death.

To illustrate how a Yamaha Rhino easily tips over, watch this video:

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