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Suffered From Meclizine Overdose

Most of the time, I get dizzy when travelling. There are times when it's just a 15 minute car rid from our apartment to our destination and yet, I end up rushing to the comfort room to ... you know... vomit. I don't have any problems when travelling by bus, train or plane. It's just when inside small vehicles such as cars and vans when i get to feel really really sick.

Anyway, last Sunday, my boyfriend's mom invited us to drive along with her to the next town as there's a newly opened department store there. With much excitement, we drove with her. I of course did not forget to take my anti-motion sickness pill (Meclizine 25mg) one hour prior to the travel. It did help a bit however, when we were on our way back home (more or less 5 hours after my first intake of the pill) I started feeling dizzy again. I then decided to take another tablet. Just a few minutes after, I felt so sleepy and slept the whole ride home. When I got home, all I did was jumped onto the sofa and . I woke up the following day past 12 noon and still feeling weird. It felt like I drank a liter or two of a very strong beer that i felt really weak. I then promised myself to never overdose myself with Meclizine (and other medicines).

I know that I am not supposed to take in another pill within a 12 hour margin. Yet, I have tried to break the rule and have suffered the consequences. Advice: follow the advised intake of your medicine to benefit from it - don't then be prepared to suffer on what's to come.

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