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KettleWorx - Cardio, Core And Resistance Workouts In One

My younger brother who is always interested in having a trimmed and fit body keeps on sending me emails about how great he's been doing using his new workout. He never fails to mention how kettlebell workout helps in achieving a better shaped body he's always dreamed of having.

Since my brother is obviously amazed with the product, maybe it's time for me to look into it myself. Searching through google about the product is never difficult as many are already blogging about this fitness sensation.

KettleWorx is what the entire workout is known for. It's a fun, easy and quick way of losing fat and building muscles with the use of a kettlebell. Just by looking at the product's photos, it looks like a small kettle (without the snout of course). It looks so easy that's why it has kept me wondering how a simple workout item like a kettlebell can make an individual fit and healthy.

Reading through, the idea behind KettleWorx is actually basic - for at least 20 minutes, three times a week by following 200 step by step unique exercises and 12 workouts using the kettlebell. Still confused? I suggest you watch this video to understand the whole system better:

Isn't the program interesting? It's so simple and fun and really effective! Now I understand why my brother's really into it. Soon - I will be, too!


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